The Benefice Cross of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesely

2017 All Saints Art Exhibition: Call for entries

Painters, sculptors, photographers, textile workers, and other artists are invited to submit work to this exhibition which has been part of the Romsey Festival calendar for the last two event cycles. With a good track record of sales and attendance it is an ideal opportunity to get your work in front of the local community in North Baddesley and to attract viewers from across the Festival area.

Are you an artist based near Ampfield, Chilworth or North Baddesely? Would you like to submit some recent work to an exhibition as part of the Romsey Festival?

We have an open exhibition at which you can either sell work - or simply exhibit planned at All Saints Church in North Baddesley. We welcome work from Painters, sculptors, photographers, textile workers and other artists. So long as we can get it into the building we will consider it.

Entry form for the All Saints Open Exhibition

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We don’t want to exploit you if you are an artist, particularly as you are just starting out. We only charge £2.00 per piece for a hanging fee. If you sell your work at the exhibition we do charge a 20% commission. These funds help support the mission and operation of the church and allow us to continue to run events like this which support the community.

We have run the exhibition as part of the last two event cycles of the Romsey Festival, and have had a good track record of sales and attendance. We attract viewers from the villages of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley and fro the wider Romsey Festival area.

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