The Benefice Cross of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesely


Remembrance services are difficult for many. We tender the compassion and grace that God has for all affected by war and conflict and offer a space for acts of remembrance at the war memorials in our area.

Our 2017 Events

In 2017 we will have services of remembrance in Ampfield (at St Mark), Chilworth (at St Denys), and North Baddesely (initially at All Saints). These will be followed by procession to the village memorials and wreath laying there.

This day stirs our memories. Sometimes it stirs pride, sometimes grief, and sometimes ongoing pain. Whatever your experience if you need to talk we are available.

We may come to this day with our minds or bodies marked by the violence of war. We may bring to this day known faces, heard voices, or names of those we love, and have loved, but who we see no longer. Equally we may come simply because it feels right to honour sacrifice. It is good to remember.

Remembrance Sunday is a day to remember the dead and injured of military operations, conflicts and war. Join us to remember

  • Those whose names we know.
  • Those whose names are not known.
  • Those with no known resting place.
  • Those who had no cause other than to live in peace.
  • Those who having seen the horror of war, have no hope
  • Those who when called to take life, chose rather to take their own.
  • Those who died in accidents.
Remembrance events
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