The Benefice Cross of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesely

Join a small group

Small groups are how the church got started 2000 odd years ago. If you worship with us - we hope you will join a group.

Small groups are a safe environment for us to talk about faith, read the Bible, pray and share our lives with each other. These groups are a key way of helping us grow grow as a disciples and help to get to know other folk. We have three sorts of groups at the moment: open discipleship groups, and groups which have grown out of of courses or projects.

Open discipleship groups

  1. A new Monday evening house groupstarting at 7.30pm led by Kim and Phil meets in homes in various locations around the Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley.
  2. Tuesday afternoon House Group meets in NorthBaddesley and is led by Gill and Jeff Watkins.
  3. The Monday House Group has met in North Baddesley for many years run by Tony Hale. This group ceased in November 2017. We are enormously grateful to Tony for many years of ministry
For help with connecting with a small group, please use our normal contact form (below) which will put you in touch with the relevant folk.

Contact the acnb-church team

You can also ring us: 023 8073 7617 or write to us: ACNB-Office Church Cl, North Baddesley SO52 9EQ
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Next step courses

  • There are also a number of more structured groups which follow on from courses and activities like Start!, LyCiG and Bumpy Road.

Silence and meditation

  • The Julian Group which focuses on silence, meditation and readings meet on the second and fourth Friday of each month in North Baddesley.
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