Ian Wyllie

Ian Wyllie

Communications and commissioned worship leader


United Kingdom

Come into life. We are the Church of England in the communities of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley. Find faith, offer worship, and make the places we live better for everyone.

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Phoebe: Paula Gooder - In Review

Phoebe is a captivating fusion of narrative, intelligent historical imagining, and deep theological and scriptural understanding which spins a tale, centred on Phoebe with whom it appears Paul sent his ‘Letter to the Romans’ from Corinth.

Giving us life: the first Sunday after Trinity

What's giving us life this week, the first Sunday after Trinity? A reflection on Christian hope by Jurgen Moltmann, the difficult decisions about when to close things in the church - especially mission agencies, the human practice of repeating building in disaster prone areas despite regular destruction, and a graphic infographic on the situation in Gaza.

WFA: growing a service of choice for children and young familes

Worship for All is getting a specific remit to support children and families in worship and spreading from Ampfield to North Baddesley.

Ministers of St John and leaders of the Order of St John of Jerusalem at Baddesley


New in digital form: Explore the Vicars of North Baddesley and the Knights, Preceptors, and Masters of the Order of St John in Jerusalem at Baddesley

Burial ground changes

Our team and volunteers are working at St John the Baptist to make the church burial ground a safe and peaceful place to remember the departed. This post has answers to questions which are cropping up a lot and updates.

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