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Scarecrow success stories

The North Baddesley Scarecrow festival this year was the biggest yet with more scarecrows, more visitors and a new short, fun and engaging harvest reflection.

 Revd Vanessa Lawrence said: The scarecrow festival was a fantastic occasion - the churchyard was full of colour and creativity. It was great to see so many people from the village enjoying the church and the cakes!

This year’s festival was the biggest yet with the 22 scarecrows standing in the grounds of St John the Baptist church enjoyed by around 180 people. Although run by All Saints and St John the Baptist for the community North Baddesley the festival depends on contributions of scarecrows from the village. Sally Kerson Lay Minister said: “it is all those wonderful people who made such a variety of interesting scarecrows so that others can enjoy seeing such talent made the Scarecrow Festival such a success.”

Prizes were awarded for the 'Best Scarecrows'. This year pupils from the North Baddesley Junior School for the children section and the North Baddesley Community Library for the adult section were winners.  A highly commended entry was a World War II airman sitting in his plane by the war graves commemorating them, made by the North Baddesley Children's Craft Club.

New this year the church offered a short reflection on harvest in addition to welcoming the scarecrows to the church grounds. Revd Lawrence also said “Harvest has been significant in communities for centuries, a way of celebrating together as a community, giving thanks for all that we have, and reminding ourselves of the need to share what we have with those who have less.” The reflection was well attended and may well feature again next year.

The festival is designed to be a time of celebration and communication not fundraising but the we are grateful for the cash donations on the day. We also greatly appreciate the help of those who volunteered or helped in other ways.

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