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This week with God replaces 4:4:40

An obituary of sorts: The end of ‘4:4:40’. Find out what beautiful thing God is doing in our church. Meet ‘This week with God’.

Almost exactly a year ago started 4:4:40 a short issues led service on Sunday afternoons primarily aimed at families with small children. Today in the time slot we have a thriving extended adult discussion led worship period discussing thorny and sensitive current issues. The conversations inform the wider outlook of the church and help us understand what God has stored up for us.

This week with God’ has an open format in which well informed, sometimes painful, discussion about difficult areas like the Syria crisis can be had at a depth which would be impossible with children around, or in the context of a formal service. We meet every fourth Sunday at 4pm. It’s friendly and there are donughts. What more need we say?

In ‘This week with God’ we have fresh inter-generational relationships growing round a core of thinking about God’s world together and the way we as church can care for it and be a blessing in it. That is a good gift, and one we simply wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t kicked off 4:4:40 last year with ears and eyes open to what God might do.

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