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Countering loneliness at Christmas

If you worship with us: please reach out and be a good friend to someone you know who is spending Christmas alone. Let’s counter loneliness at this special time.

This the time when we: the church mark the birth of the God who in Jesus came to be with us. It is the ultimate time of community. So we invite all who worship with us to reach out to someone who might be spending Christmas alone. In whatever way is right, make sure that as we celebrate God With Us we share the joy and don’t leave people lonely.

We’re not being prescriptive…

@acnbchurch we don’t want to be prescriptive about what you do… One size doesn’t fit all. Something as simple as dropping a note and gift round can make a massive difference. Please think and pray about what you do. For some the right thing will be to invite folk to come and share a service at church during the season, or to join you and others on a Christmas walk. Little things - which you might think of as insignificant can make a massive difference.

We have unique resources…

“Our table is not filled with the superficial gifts of the consumer-led Christmas; it is the table made by the carpenter. On it are the symbols and gifts of the carpenter. On it are the reminders of his story that started in the Christmas stable and ended in the bursting out of the Easter tomb. Around it are the people he invites into his story, the friends he chose to bring.” The Bishop of Liverpool, 2017

Across the age range the numbers expecting or fearing spending Christmas alone are shocking. The loneliness which has become endemic in our society is a major problem, and to find that it extends to that Christmas tide when, aside from any faith concerns, social bonds have traditionally been renewed is terrible.

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