The Benefice Cross of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesely

Holy Communion, North Baddesley

A Holy Communion service in North Baddesley using everyday language starting at 9.30am twice a month on Sundays. Children and families very welcome.

You are welcome to join us at this service of holy communion whether you are searching, struggling, or full of joy. Come and be resourced by Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the mystery and truth of broken bread and poured out wine.

This service uses modern translations of the bible, and a form of service that uses ordinary language (Common Worship), and we take care to explain what is going on so we won't leave you, your children or friends drifting without understanding.

For a period in 2017, starting in February the worshipping community at St Mark, Ampfield will be joining the congregation at All Saints on the third Sunday of each month in order that we can learn from each other and discover what it means to proclaim the Gospel afresh this generation in Ampfield and North Baddesley

Common Worship is a collection of prayers, liturgies and other words you will hear in a service. It includes services in both traditional and everyday language. We normally use both everyday versions at All Saints. Common Worship is a family of volumes which, together with the Book of Common Prayer, make up the current official liturgical resource of the Church of England.

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